Mount Union

Our Story

A student-driven organization at the University of Mount Union that recognizes the needs of people less fortunate than ourselves, and acts upon those needs in a fashion that is timelysympathetic, and rewarding.

The Background

Since 2008, students have teamed up with faculty, staff, and university administration to coordinate philanthropic projects. All projects display the underlining theme of our organization, humanitarianism. In a general sense, humanitarianism is an ethic of kindness, benevolence and sympathy extended universally and impartially to all human beings. By promoting this ideal, our actions aid those who have been affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, our world water crisis, poverty, and famine. Helping others that are desperately in need of food, water, clothes, and shelter, will impact their lives forever, and establish a personal sense of social good and justice within project coordinators.

The Scope

Not only do we strive to impact Mount Union’s local community of Alliance, Ohio, we extend help to people all over the world by partnering with other charitable organizations. By teaming up with other charities we have declared our organization as a non-profitable group, where one hundred percent of all of our earnings are donated to those in need. With the help of other student groups on campus, like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Raider Relief has been an annual effort on campus, always looking to find a way to give. Keep your eyes open for our current projects, as well as future Raider Relief efforts!